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Save up to $1,300 on Samsung Frame TVs so detailed ‘you can see brush strokes’

If you’re tired of a boring ol’ TV that looks like a prop from Black Mirror when it’s not in use, check out these killer Samsung Frame deals. Prices have dropped like summer rain, and now you can snag one starting at $550 for a 32-inch masterpiece. If you need to refresh your home entertainment center — or just add a little sophistication to the living room — the Frame is an excellent choice.


This TV looks great while in use, but a built-in motion sensor means it will turn into a rotating art display when it’s off. The border around the frame makes it look like a painting, solving the pesky issue of what to do with your TV when you aren’t, you know, watching it.

$550 at Samsung

Why is this a good deal? 💰

The Frame doesn’t go on sale often — and when it does, it’s usually only around major holidays. This $50 discount leaves you enough dough to pick up a nice little soundbar too (like the Topvision, perhaps?).

Why do I need this? 🤔

The Samsung Frame is more than just a TV. While it has everything you would expect from a modern screen — high-definition resolution, incredible color and more — it also has a feature that makes it appealing even when you aren’t watching TV. A built-in motion sensor detects when you walk into the room and begins displaying beautiful works of art.

You can also hang it flush against the wall so that it looks like a painting. More than that, you can shift it into Vertical Mode for art that deserves to be viewed in portrait mode. There’s a subscription service you can use to display art, or you can upload your own in the form of family photos.

It also comes with a matte display that helps cut down on light glare and reflections, perfect for when you have a house full of friends and family cheering for every touchdown.

samsung frame

Turn your living room into an Impressionist showcase while saving a chunk of Monet. (Walmart/Amazon/Samsung)

What reviewers say 💬

More than 1,100 Amazon buyers have splurged on this gorgeous TV, and they say it’s a five-star masterpiece.

Pros 👍

No one can deny the style these TVs bring to a room. Just read what one reviewer said: “The Frame TVs are an awesome statement in any room you choose to install them. Picture quality is great, the matte finish makes a great difference. Picture quality for both, movies and sports, is great.”

Another art lover raved that you can see the actual strokes of the brush. “I bought this as a centerpiece for my living room hoping the ‘art mode’ would function as a painting in the open space. I would have never expected the quality to be this good. You can see the brush strokes on some of the paintings.”

“I set it up yesterday and, while the TV is fantastic, I am mesmerized by the artwork!” said a third fan. “I have been totally distracted by it. I keep standing in front of the Frame, feeling like I’m in one of my favorite art museums. As others have stated, there is no shine or glare to the artwork; it really looks like artwork! If you have a TV that is not hidden away in a cabinet when not in use, you need to buy the Frame.”

Cons 👎

Customers have said that, even though the TV looks great, they wish they didn’t have to pay for artwork. “The only thing that I don’t like about it is I wish [it came] with more artwork installed. It comes with some basic sample artwork. There are many open-source artworks available … but you must download them individually and save them on your television from your phone or computer.”

Some customers found the motion sensing to be less than responsive. “There is a feature that is supposed to display the artwork when the TV is not in use … and then turn off the screen when no one is in the room, presumably using a sort of motion-detection. I haven’t seen this work.”

If a 32-inch screen just won’t cut it, don’t worry — the rest of the Frame lineup is also on sale. The bigger the screen, the bigger the savings.

  • Samsung The Frame 55-Inch Smart TV


    Save $300

  • Samsung The Frame 75-Inch Smart TV


    Save $1,001

  • Samsung The Frame 85-Inch Smart TV


    Save $1,300

The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.


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