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Meg Reynolds Vedic Meditation’s Travel & Teach Program!

Coming Soon to a Town Near You – MEG REYNOLDS VEDIC MEDITATION’S Travel & Teach Program!

I was born in Washington, D.C., and grew up in Alexandria, VA.  While I have always loved the East Coast and the Greater WDC area, I was a restless 18-year-old (to say the least) growing up in the low-tech, high-fashion, relatively lawless 80s.  So after I graduated from my all-girls high school, I bailed out at the last minute on going to the college that is my whole family’s alma mater in Massachusetts (where my grandfather had taught Gaelic 100 years ago!), joined a band and moved to Malibu, CA.  After spending 20 years living all over Southern and Northern California with a couple of interludes living in London, New York, and in a cabin in the woods in Alaska with no running water, I moved back to Virginia to marry the man I love and have a couple of stellar kids.  After all, Virginia is for lovers.

Now, my kids are teenagers and can make food for themselves, do their own laundry, and put themselves to bed.  AND they meditate, so I’m a little freer to reengage in more purpose and adventure outside of the home!  WhoooHooo!  

Therefore, for the remainder of 2024, I will be hitting the road to teach Vedic Meditation to my fellow Virginians.  My first stop will be Richmond, VA, where I will be teaching a course in meditation July 1-5 in a stunning home in the historic Fan District.  The next stop is Old Town, Alexandria, VA, where I will be teaching a course in meditation from July 18-21.  For more information, click here:  

Are you out of town on those dates?  Don’t live near either one of these cities? That is not a problem!  Send me a message, let me know where you are located, and I will start making arrangements to come to you if you can’t make it to my studio here in Orange, VA:  OR I may be able to find you a Vedic Meditation teacher in your area as I have colleagues located all over the world!  Either way, you will be covered.  

So what is Vedic Meditation?

From the Ancient Body of Knowledge Known as the Veda, Vedic Meditation is unique from other meditation practices. Your mind goes beyond the level of thought and settles into its least excited state—the state of simply being. As the mind settles into this deep stillness, it paves the way for the release of accumulated stress and fatigue, simultaneously nurturing overall well-being.

Vedic meditation is a catalyst for personal transformation, allowing you the means to unfurl your boundless potential, nurture clarity, foster creativity, and ignite a profound sense of fulfillment.

Want to sleep better, be healthier, happier, better-looking, and smarter? If you answered “YES!” then Vedic Meditation is for you.  Practiced daily, the unprecedented levels of mental rest you will experience in Vedic Meditation will allow your body to experience the deepest physical rest, deeper even than your most restful sleep at night.  In this profound rest, your body will be able to begin burning off the stress that’s been stored in the body for decades – the stress that has been aging us rapidly, deteriorating our physical health, and, well, making us not too sharp.  

What?  How can Vedic Meditation be a deeper rest than sleep? The Centers for Disease Control have indicated that adults who sleep for at least 7 hours per night are lucky if they experience deep sleep for about 25% of those 7 hours.  Uh, that’s 1 hour and 45 minutes of deep sleep in a night if you get at least 7 hours of sleep in a night.  So far, most of my students report that, before learning Vedic Meditation, they have trouble sleeping.  Some are up in the middle of the night every night for an hour or two, and some report falling asleep & then are RUDELY AWAKENED by their brains worrying about things that basically seem pretty trivial in the grand scheme of things.  

So how much DEEP REST are you really getting?

The thing about ACCUMULATED stress is that it is stored in the nervous system, and when the body gets into a restful state, the nervous system starts trying to get rid of it.  However, the nervous system also experiences a type of vulnerability in sleep because you are basically unconscious, so burning off stress can be alarming and wake the brain and the body.

In Vedic Meditation, you are not unconscious.  You experience a deeply restful state while still being alert, which allows the mind and the body to unwind from a lifetime of stress while still being able to respond quickly if a human-eating leopard were to come after you in your high-rise apartment (that old fight or flight response to a primal fear).  However, with Vedic Meditation, you get deep rest and productive, effective, and potent stress release. 

If sleeping were an Olympic Sport, I’d earn a medal.  Maybe not Gold, maybe not even Silver, but Bronze is all me, baby! Those of you who sleep like the dead, like me, know that you feel like you should be supercharged with energy that lasts all day/all night. Buuuuut, we don’t.  Usually, I’m out of the shoot like a rocket, and by about 10 am, maybe noon, my brain starts getting sluggish, and then my manic doing behavior starts slowing down.  I try to keep up the pace and keep my spirits up, but my tank is running low and burning fuel like nobody’s business.

Then I sit down for 20 minutes of unprecedented rest in Meditation and Viola, stress elimination, NOT STRESS MANAGEMENT!  I’m refreshed, recharged, and feeling good.  Every day is two days, for the price of one.

See you at my next intro talk!

Sign up for a free intro talk, given every Sunday at 7 pm EST on Zoom:

Sundays don’t work for you?  No problem. Contact me, and we will figure out a time that works for you.

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