The best thing about fashion is it knows no boundaries. It borrows from wherever it can to create a piece of clothing of high aesthetic value. A blazer thrown over a pair of slim fit jeans or a collared shirt tucked neatly inside a pencil skirt is not a new trend in women’s clothing. It has existed for several years. Designers are only evolving the style further by mixing it with feminine pieces.

If you like the classy silhouettes and simple patterns of menswear, here are tips to incorporate menswear into women’s fashion. Let’s start with the rules before we give you a glimpse of the options.

The Rules

1. You should try several types of menswear to decide which will work the best for you.

2. Aim for a balanced look. Going all men from head to toe creates a shabby and cluttered outfit. Wear one piece of men’s clothing at a time.

3. Dress the outfit with frills, strappy heels and statement accessories.

4. The choice of menswear should not restrict your color options to black, grey, brown or navy. A vibrant color (not too gaudy) will add a feminine touch.

Ways to Incorporate Menswear into Women’s Fashion

1. A white collared button-down shirt is a must-have in your closet whether or not you intend to emulate men’s fashion. Wear it with a pair of blue or black jeans tucked in or loosely left out. Pair it with ballerina flats for a casual look or strappy heels and ankle-length boots for a sophisticated look.

2. The jeans – white-button down and strappy heels combination can be dressed up further to create a more refined look. You can highlight the shirt with a blazer in black or pin stripes.

3. A white shirt paired with black slim-fit trousers can be worn with black pumps.

4. A menswear-inspired jacket or blazer can be layered over short-fitting dresses too. Choose a blazer in a neutral color such as black, white, navy or tan. The neutral color allows you to mix and match.

5. A fitted blazer can also be paired with billowy and frilly blouses.

6. It is easy to wear a vest or waistcoat too. A waistcoat can be layered with a casual, colored T-shirt. This look is geared more towards collegians. Tailored, fitting vests with a button-down shirt looks professional and can be worn to office.

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