Everyone would like a happy, relaxed lifestyle — a calmness and serenity that lasts day after day. For most, however, this is difficult to achieve. Problems, frustrations, anxieties and so on get in the way. But if you take time to relax, you can come close. Relaxation is the key. When you are completely relaxed you are content and have an inner peace — a feeling of satisfaction and happiness with your life.

Although a relaxed lifestyle requires learning some relaxation techniques and using them it also needs something else. In particular, you also have to learn to relax at your job and other activities. Enjoying your job is of high priority. Don’t tie yourself up in knots trying to get your work done; you can get just as much done (and likely more) by working in a relaxed way.

Another thing that is important for a relaxed lifestyle is keeping busy. Keeping busy is, in fact, one of the best ways to keep yourself relaxed, but for this keep the following in mind.

  • Don’t undertake more than you can handle.
  • Don’t worry about your work, just do it.
  • When you start to feel stress, take a short break and relax. Don’t let it build up.

Some of the things that help you achieve a relaxed lifestyle are:

  • A good attitude
  • Having fun — living your life, not letting it just pass
  • Taking short vacations, even if just over a weekend
  • Short naps are helpful when you start to get stressed (15 minutes)
  • Spending a few minutes relaxing your muscles when they start to get tense
  • Using quiet periods
  • Meditation and music

Muscle Relaxation

For complete relaxation your muscles must be relaxed, and three of the major muscles to concentrate on are:

  • Muscles of the eyes
  • Muscles of the jaw and throat
  • Muscles of the heart and chest

Relax these muscles and you have gone a long ways toward total relaxation. The best way is to close your eyes and keep your mind blank, then concentrate on the area you wish to relax. Sit calmly and quietly and say to yourself, “I am relaxed… very relaxed.”

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